How to Pass Microsoft Azure AZ-202 Exam?

If you have read our AZ-102 prep guide, you would understand exactly what an Azure transition test is. Azure-202 is this kind of examination also. If AZ-102 is intended for the transition out of 70-533 examination to brand new Azure role based examinations, AZ-202 is because of its transition out of 70-532. It is the core idea you want to understand prior to beginning AZ-202 examination prep. So here, we are going to determine how you need to gear up to your Microsoft AZ-202 Developer Certification Transition examination prep with the correct and reliable AZ-202 examination study guides.

For the last couple of decades, Azure 70-532 was among the vital examinations that is intended for demonstrating one’s proficiency in creating Azure solutions. The success in this test was regarded as a significant step towards a skilled Azure programmer function. After you can pass this examination, it would get credited to a range of certificates such as MCP, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD.

Now, with the debut of functionality (function) based examinations, Microsoft has completely restructured its Azure examinations program. Just together with the pass 70-532, you’re no longer qualified for any certificates. It is for assisting such a candidate that passed 70-532, Microsoft introduced the newest AZ-202 transition test. Therefore, such applicants can prevent the requirement to take different exams like AZ-200 & AZ-201 for Microsoft Certified Azure Developer certificate. Thus, henceforth AZ-202 Exam Dumps Preparation ought to be the ideal objective before 70-532 passed applicants.


Study Modules below AZ-202 Exam You Will Need to Concentrate

In AZ-202 Exam Planning, you have to focus on subjects under both the examinations AZ-200 and AZ-201. The burden associated with each module is given below


  1. Creating Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IoT solutions (20-25percent): This component Comprises subsections namely incorporating Azure Cognitive Services within an program, Creating & incorporating robots and Creating and executing IoT solutions
  2. Creating for an Azure cloud version (20-25percent): Creating for asynchronous processing, executing distributed transactions and growing for auto-scaling are the main issues in this module
  3. Developing a Platform for a Support (PaaS) Solutions (20-25percent): This module includes 4 subsections. Creating a program service logic program, scheduling majority operations, designing and creating software that operate in containers and producing app/service that runs on support fabric are the segments that arrive within this module.
  4. Creating for cloud storage (10-15percent): its own subsections include developing alternatives which use file storage & growing solutions using a relational database.
  5. Implementing cloud integration options (10-15percent): Creating an application message version and minding a message based integration structure will be the subjects within this module.
  6. Securing cloud options (5-10percent): Implementing access controller is your principal action that arrives within this part.

Picking the Right Materials to Your AZ-202 Assessment Preparation

Your Microsoft AZ-202 Developer Certification Transition exam prep should not be attention entirely on one destination. You have to hunt and find reliable test materials to your AZ-202 Assessment Preparation. A few examples of such substances are given below.

Microsoft Learning Portal

That is Microsoft’s official site which contains all the crucial facts about examinations accredited by Microsoft. Here, you can navigate through each and each test and may find the corresponding particulars. There is a particular page for AZ-202 examination within this portal site which includes exam scheduling choices, examination pricing, assessment requirements, study classes, links to training choices & training tests and so on. Before searching for any other Azure certification exam prep guides, it is a must to consult this webpage – if you’re taking this examination seriously. Certya provides the reliable and updated AZ-202 exam dumps.

Books & Reference Guides for AZ-202 Exam Preparation

Since AZ-202 remains in beta phase, odds are not as for finding a reliable AZ-202 examination study guide or publications which may aid your preparation. Anyhow in the event that you cannot find some of these book/guide after wasting a lot of the time, it is far better to bypass the hunt. It is because this test can be retired in a few months since it is only a transition out of examination 70-532. In this kind of circumstance, it is far better to search for any other prep choices.

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